Is HDR Monitor Worth It For Gaming – Here’s Everything You Need To Know

HDR Monitor

In the current era, gamers and developers alike have built a strong foundation in gaming. In a high-tech approach, it is important to have a reliable and well-performing system. Moreover, there are few games and mainly game developers, not the average person browsing the web, who need this high-end content improvement technology. The free sync … Read more

How To Overclock The Monitor From 60Hz To 75Hz? – Here Are Some Things You Need To Know

Overclocking The Monitor

It’s true that monitors can be overclocked. It’s an awesome feature. Overclocking monitors is usually very stable, as opposed to overclocking GPUs or CPUs. The refresh rate will increase if your monitor can overclock. The majority of people use a 60 Hz monitor. It is generally possible to overclock 60 Hz monitors to at least … Read more