How to Use Monitor Camera Instead of Laptop?

Viewing your work on a larger screen can be helpful when working on a project with your team via video conferencing. When it comes to working with graphics or videos, this is especially true. It is possible to get a larger screen with a laptop, but what if you don’t have one or don’t want to carry it around with you? Using a monitor camera is one solution. In this article, we will discuss how to use monitor camera instead of laptop.

You can use an external webcam in place of your laptop webcam with surprisingly little effort. You simply need to set it as your primary video device on your computer. This article will guide you through enabling your external webcam on Windows if you haven’t already. Using your monitor as a video device is simple if you follow the steps in this article.

You inevitably have to get some work done while you’re out and about. The problem is that carrying your laptop around all the time isn’t always feasible. In this case, a monitor camera serves as a great tool.

Using a monitor camera is as easy as connecting it to your computer. It is possible to connect your monitor to a computer using a USB cable. To use the monitor camera, you must open the software that comes with it. Instead of a laptop, you will use a monitor camera.

Complete Guide on How to Use Monitor Camera Instead of Laptop?

Let’s say your primary camera is a monitor. MacOS settings allow you to make this the primary camera. Using the USB cable that comes with your monitor, connect it to the USB port on your computer. When the computer recognizes the external webcam, it will give it a few seconds to acknowledge it.

The Photo Booth program also supports external webcams. Even videos can be recorded using the monitor webcam. Using a monitor camera instead of a laptop is as simple as following the steps below.

  • Click Windows + S and type “Control Panel” to open the “Control Panel”.
  • You can view all your devices and printers by clicking the top item under “Hardware and Sound”.
  • Make sure that the webcam is working.
  • You can set the webcam as the default by choosing “Set this device as the default” From the right-click menu.
  • Set the monitor as your primary device using its USB Type B port.
  • Webcams are built into monitors. You can now use the webcam on your computer whenever you want since the external camera is now your primary camera.
  • Take photos and share them with your friends and family using photo booth software.


You can use a monitor camera instead of a laptop if you prefer not to use a laptop. Setting it up is easier, and it is more portable. Think about staying connected while traveling at an affordable price. An ideal option, in that case, would be a monitor camera.

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