How to Set Acer Monitor No Signal Orange Light?

An orange light on Acer monitors indicates that they are in standby mode. This problem is also primarily caused by a faulty power supply or loose data cables. This is a situation in which the computer needs to be restarted after the cables have been checked. The orange light issue can be caused due to a dead monitor, not every time, but in some cases. Now we’ll discuss How to Set Acer Monitor No Signal Orange Light?

Complete Guide on How to Set Acer Monitor No Signal Orange Light?

Learn the 5 main reasons why your Acer Monitor has an orange blinking light. You can also fix the issue by following the most effective solution procedures below.

You can find all possible solutions to this monitor issue in our exclusive guide below:

Turn off Stand-By Mode

It is possible that your Acer monitor is in standby mode if its status LED starts flashing orange. Also called sleep mode, standby is the inactive state of a computer. As a result, the hardware features are temporarily disabled from consuming power.

On the body of the device, an amber or flashing orange light indicates that the device is in standby mode. To get your computer out of this mode, you should check if it is in this mode.

How to Get Monitor Out of Standby Mode?

  • It is as simple as moving your mouse slightly to wake up your monitor from this sleep mode. Or, the keys on the keyboard can be pressed in any order. It is also possible to power on and off once by pressing the power button.
  • To wake up a computer that has not been woken up by the above methods, hold down the power button for about 5-10 seconds. The computer will restart as a result. The indicator light on your computer turns from orange to green when it wakes up.

Failed Power Cable

Upon waking your monitor from standby mode, you should check whether the power cable is working properly. An electrical device begins to malfunction when it loses its fluent power supply.

It indicates that something has gone wrong with the power supply when the orange light flashes. It is possible for several cables to come loose if they are moved or bumped randomly. Anyhow, if you want to get rid of such a type of issue, just get in touch


  • All single cables should be tested first. Check that everything is connected properly.
  • The next step is to examine the wall outlet. You can connect another electric device to your monitor’s cable after disconnecting the monitor’s cable. Make sure your wall outlet is the problem if the device is not showing any issues. Change the outlet where you are connecting your computer.
  • Take the power cable off the back of the computer if the wall outlet is fine. The power cable should be replaced with another one.
  • Make sure all visible wires are in good condition. If the ones you have are worn out or cracked, replace them.
  • While connecting the cable to the wall adapter, be sure to plug it in firmly.

Check Out The Data Cable

It is also possible that the power light of the monitor is flashing orange due to a loose connection of the data cable. A defective data cable or a partially connected cable might occur here.

The orange light blinks when the monitor is disconnected or misconnected, causing more serious problems. If you have a cable problem, follow the troubleshooting steps below:


  • Check the connection of the cable first. Make sure everything is securely connected.
  • Additionally, ensure that all the data cables are working properly. Cables that are cracked or badly pinched should be replaced. Avoid getting into trouble. The cost of replacing them is not too high.
  • In addition, if there are any outdated cables, they should be replaced. DVI and HDMI cables and ports are needed to connect.
  • Disconnect and reconnect all the cables from the monitor and computer if they are connected.
  • Make sure all the cables are connected according to their place.

Restart The Acer Monitor

In case the blinking orange light is still on, you should restart your computer. All cables and power supplies should be connected properly. The monitor will continue to work correctly if it is restarted or reset.

Furthermore, it will help to clear the computer’s system of all garbage. To reset your computer, follow the steps below:


  • Firstly, turn off your device.
  • Now, remove all the electricity and video connections from your monitor.
  • Then press the power button for 15 seconds continuously.
  • After doing this, reconnects all the power connection to your computer.
  • And, turn on your computer, Hopefully, your system will work properly and your orange light blink issue will also resolve.

Dead Computer

In the event that all the above methods don’t work, be sure the computer is dead, and that is to blame. If the cables are working well, the blinking light is a sign of a broken processor. It is possible to confirm this fact with a short test.

The computer and monitor should be disconnected from all cables. In order to test the monitor, connect the cables to another computer and connect the monitor to that computer. If the orange light stops blinking by doing this, then your monitor is not dead. Or if not, then your monitor is dead, and you need to replace it with another one.


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