How to Use HDMI Input on PC?

Today in this article, we’ll discuss How to Use HDMI Input on PC? After reading this article you must be able to use HDMI on a PC. So, read the article carefully from top to bottom.

Many HDMI ports are available today, and they are perfect for networking. The most common usage of this cable is for transmitting digital signals between a computer and HDTV to play video games or view multimedia.

A distinctive six-sided plug with 19 steel connector pins is found on the backside of these computing devices to connect to the cable. There are up to eight channels of digital audio and high-definition video transmission on these pins.

A great alternative to the old converters and wires that were not compatible and appropriate for the newly designed HDMI cable system, its operation marks a breakthrough in this area.

What is HDMI?

How to Use HDMI Input on PC

Video and audio signals are primarily transmitted over HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface). High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) links to video and audio data from sources in a manner that is uncompressed, packed, or uncompressed.

People connect their laptops to their televisions with HDMI cables to view high-quality videos. Currently, HDMI ports play an essential role in gaming consoles as well.

Advantages of HDMI: A Feature-rich Port

HDMI has several advantages, including transporting data between devices, transmitting audio and video, transferring 4K videos, sending heavy videos, and encoding data. Data breaches are inconceivable, as RGB colors can be displayed, and vibrant colors and pictures can be produced.

There is no tangling of video wires or confusion of wire connection with this device because it is very compatible with interfaces, formats, and adapters. It also provides safe data transfer.

Basic Types of HDMI Cables or Connectivity

Basically, there are five types of HDMI cables available in the market for connectivity purposes, and they are all defined below:

HDMI Standard

There are many HDMI cables, but this one is the most common. This device is only capable of providing a 720p or 1080p resolution.

HDMI Ethernet

This sort is compatible with 100MBps networks and is used for internet provision.

HDMI High Speed 

This advanced HDMI cable supports 3D video and higher resolutions and has excellent bandwidth compatibility.

HDMI High-Speed Ethernet

This one is equivalent to Ethernet in that it supports 100MBps networks.

HDMI Ultra High Speed 

This is the most modern HDMI cable, supporting resolutions of up to 10K and 8K.

Complete Guide on How to Use HDMI Input on PC?

Step 1. The HDMI output port can be found on the back of the PC’s CPU, and the plug is put in the HDMI outlet. The broadside of the pin should face up.

Step 2. An HDMI-enabled audio/video device, such as an HDTV, should be connected to the other end of the cable

Step 3. In your computer’s control panel, click “Display Settings” and switch the display output to HDTV after clicking “New Hardware Detected”. Go to the display settings tab and click the “Advanced” button. Your computer’s resolution can be adjusted so that it is adapted to HDTV resolution as well. Make sure you check the HDTV’s owner’s manual for a detailed description of the resolution.

Step 4. You can send Web content to HDTV by clicking “Save Settings”, turning on Internet, and connecting the computer. You can enjoy digital sound movies on your computer with a DVD player or Blu-ray player.


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