How to Screenshot on Dell Chromebook?

How to Screenshot on Dell Chromebook

If you use a Dell laptop and are having problems taking screenshots on Chromebook, follow the steps below. On this page, we have detailed tutorials on screenshotting on How to Screenshot on Dell Chromebook.

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The keyboard on Chromebooks differs from those on Macs and Windows computers, which can be confusing to someone who is new to the platform. The Chromebook keyboard has new keys and some keys are missing. You’ll find this post useful if you’re having trouble taking a full screenshot on your Dell Inspiron 14 Chromebook.

Complete Guide on How to Screenshot on Dell Chromebook?

There are two methods available to take the screen shoot from your Dell Chromebook. Al two methods are given below so, read the article carefully.

Method 1:

1) Install Snagit on your computer. Screenshots can be taken as well as screen recordings and images can be edited. A screenshot can be taken and edited quickly with this program.

2) The program should be run after installation and signed. Once you have clicked the “Capture” button, the process will begin

3) When you hover over the screen, a screenshot will be taken of the area you choose. The area will be captured when you click it. Selecting the customized part is as easy as clicking and dragging.

4) Click the camera icon in the toolbar on your screen to save the screenshot file as an image.

5) A pop-up Snagit Editor allows you to edit your image. Besides text, you can also add effects and shapes.

6) The last step is to save or share the image by clicking the “Share” button in the upper right corner.

Method 2:

The Windows screenshot feature also allows you to take a screenshot of the entire screen. Here are the steps you need to follow on your Chromebook to take a screenshot:

1) If you are using a keyboard, press the key “Print Screen” or “PrtScn”.

2) Start the application “Paint”.

3) Press CTRL + V on your keyboard simultaneously to paste the screenshot into the “Paint” program.

4) After taking the screenshot, click the save button to save it as a picture.

5) The file will be saved in the folder you choose.

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