Does Acer Monitor Have Speakers?

Acer monitors are available in a wide range of sizes and resolutions, which makes them one of the best monitors on the market. Monitors from this company are known for their high quality and long lifespan.

Acer has several things that most people don’t know, however: Does Acer Monitor Have Speakers? Yes you can easily buy acer monitors with speakers from the market or from online store over the internet.

Here’s the Complete Answer of Does Acer Monitor Have Speakers?

Yes, some Acer monitor does have speakers. Acer monitors such as the S231HL and the B226HQLbmidz come with built-in speakers. Acer monitors that come with integrated speakers are marketed as multimedia LCD TVs/monitors.

Does Acer Monitor Have Speakers?

Unfortunately, some Acer monitors don’t come with speakers built in. So, using a single cable, you can connect your computer to the monitor using HDMI and audio jacks. Using this method, you can enjoy video and audio in high quality without using any cords. But if you want acer monitor with speakers then it’s not big deal to find that type of monitor.

DVI ports are available on some Acer monitors to provide better sound quality when connected to other DVI-equipped devices, like Blu-ray players or game consoles. Your PC’s sound will be played through the Acer monitor’s speakers when you connect through DVI.

How Do I Get My Acer Monitor Speakers to Work?

A PC experience would not be complete without sound. You need sound when you listen to Internet radio, listen to digital music files, watch a video, or play a game. With many Acer monitors, speakers are built into the monitor, simplifying and streamlining your PC’s audio setup. As well as saving desk space, built-in speakers simplify your setup, eliminating the need for external speakers.

Step 1

You will need to find the audio cable for your monitor. There is a male stereo mini jack connector at both ends of this thin cable. You will receive one with your computer. Any electronics store can sell you an audio patch cord with a male stereo mini jack on both ends, if you’ve lost it or need to replace it. Just describe it as an audio patch cord with both male stereo mini jacks. Choose one that is long enough to reach between the back of your computer and the rear of your monitor.

Step 2

The audio cable should be plugged into the Audio In jack on the Acer monitor. It can usually be found at the bottom right of the monitor when looking at the back.

Step 3

If your computer has an Audio Out, Line Out, or Headphones jack, connect the other end of the cable to it.

Step 4

Using the monitor’s volume controls, you can control the volume of the speakers.


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