Can Acer Monitors be Mounted?

Acer monitors can be Mounted on standard VESA Mounts – Just remove the entire monitor stand and snap this bracket in place. Our convenient bracket works with popular Acer monitors even though they don’t have mounting holes!

Acer Monitor Mount

Four M4 screws of 10mm length are used to secure the 100mm x 100mm VESA mount on Acer monitors. A separate purchase is required for the VESA mounting brackets and mounting hardware that come with your product.

Acer Monitor Wall Mount

How can I tell if my Acer product supports VESA wall mounting?

There are four screws on the back of some Acer products that allow you to mount a display or monitor to a wall or stand using VESA mounting. The mounting holes on some models must be accessed by removing the monitor stand. Red squares indicate screw holes in the image below. If your product doesn’t have these holes, it may not support VESA mounting.

Acer Monitors

Can Monitors be Mounted?

Almost all monitors can be mounted, so the answer is yes. In today’s world, almost all monitors come with a mounting plate on the back, making monitor mounting products very easy to use. It is possible to mount old CRTs or monitors without this setup as well.

How do I Connect my Acer Monitor to the Base?

A monitor stand arm must be attached to the monitor stand base. Assemble the monitor stand arm and ensure that the base is locked onto the arm. Turn the white screw using the integrated tab or a coin to secure the base to the monitor stand arm. The monitor must be removed from the package (for selected models).

Is my monitor VESA?

Industry-standard mounting systems are used for VESA-compliant monitors. The back of your monitor will have a screw hole pattern of 75mm (about 3″) or 100mm (about 4″). The base of your monitor should be removable from it if you do not see one (see your monitor’s owner’s manual for instructions).

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